Commissions are currently closed!

The default price for extra characters in a commission is 50% of the original cost.
Complex characters or concepts may incur an additional fee.
NSFW or Mature Content is an additional + $20.


More examples of my art can be found on my various social media sites linked on the footer of each page.


$15 USD / $20 AUD

1000 x 1000 Pixels
No WIP sketches sent
Very quick turn around time



$20 USD / $25 AUD

CMYK for printing availble
Name text optional

Very quick turn around time
Cannot ship to you but may be available for pick up during conventions (lamination included)


Fullbody Illustrations

$25 USD / $35 AUD

Flat colours with very simple

cell shading
A bit loose in detail

Very quick turn around time


no background

$35 USD / $45 AUD

Fully shaded
Clean and detailed

Quick turn around time

Sketch Page

$55 USD / $65 AUD

No WIP sketches sent
Several cleaned up sketches on
a single page, showing off various
poses, expressions and actions!



$60 USD / $70 AUD

Default 2 Full body images
No shading
Simple BG
Written name and colour palette
+ $10 for Extra Side View
+ $5 for Head Shot or Detail Shot


Simple background

$65 USD / $75 AUD Waist Up
$75 USD / $85 AUD Full Body


Gradients or Patterns for BG
Medium turn around time



$80 USD / $100 AUD Waist Up
$90 USD / $120 AUD Full Body

Highly detailed
Slower turn around time


Quote Only

Please sent me a message either
through my contact me page or my
social media so I can quote you!



Quote Only

Saw something on my pages that wasnt listed here? Want something unique?

Please sent me a message either
through my contact me page or my
social media so I can quote you!

About me

Ava Hampson is a 24-year-old Melbournian creating bold and colourful digital illustrations, animations and designs.

With an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation) and over 10 years of digital art experience, Ava is now pursuing an Advanced Diploma of Animation at Swinburne University of Technology in order to create and develop new and exciting artworks to share to the world.

Ava's strengths are in character and world design, storyboarding and general visual story telling.


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