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Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you must accept the following Terms of Service

I will need a form of contact with you. This can be through any of my social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ect).

Email is also an option, you can contact me at

Time Frame

I generally open my commissions in 1-2 month long batches, meaning I aim to finish all commissions in/during a month or two at a time. The expected deadline will be clear within the commission form.
However commissions taken during a convention may have a longer turnaround time due to a longer queue.
This may be anywhere between 2-4 months maximum. 

This may change with the nature of the commission. I will inform you if I expect a delay.

Specific deadlines should be mentioned before payment and confirmation of the commission.

Regardless, I always aim to get the sketch phase done asap.

General Rules


  • Payment is usually sent in full before work on any commission commences but may be negotiated for larger pieces.

  • All payments are made using PayPal and should be sent as $USD.
    Unless bought at a convention, where card (via square) and cash in hand are welcome.


  • Payments using PayPal are sent via invoice. I require your PayPal address to send an invoice.

  • Invoices will include an additional $5 service fee in order to counteract Paypal's exorbitant fees.

  • Re-uploads must have suitable credit , such as a link back to one of my sites or mention of my Username.

  • Do not crop out, delete or cover my logo/signature from commissioned artworks.

  • Do not use or sell any commissioned work or personal work as a NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

  • Do not use my artwork to feed Ai data and train algorithms to mimic my style.

  • Do not use my artwork for profit or to capitalize in any way unless discussed first. Commercial rights must be discussed prior to work and will incur additional charges.

  • Repeated re-draws, changes and fixes to an image may result in further charges.

  • I hold the right to refuse, refund or cancel a commission outright if I am not confident I cannot create what a client needs, or if a client acts inappropriately, unprofessionally or otherwise "out of line".


    A Work in Progress sketch will be sent to you during the sketch phase of your commission for free changes and adjustments. No more WIPs will be sent after this due to the speed in which I create my artworks.
     sheets are an exception and include additional WIP shots of other crucial parts of the artwork's creation. 
    Sketch pages and chibis are also exceptions, as no WIP's are sent of them at all due to the sketchy, artistic liberty nature of the commission type.


Refunds usually cannot be made once work has begun, however I may be able to offer partial refunds depending on the circumstance. Please keep in mind that I have a fast turn around with my work and often begin soon after the commission was paid for. Please discuss with me if you need help.

Illustrations are drawn in RGB format by default but can be changed to CMYK (for printing purposes) should you request it. Feel free to ask and let me know!

Subject Matters

Animals and Furries
Humans and Anime
Monsters, Aliens, Fantasy Beasts and Creatures
Original Characters
Fan Characters (personal use only)
NSFW Content
Simple Robots and Weaponry
Detailed Outdoor Landscapes

Simple Interior Landscapes

Extremely Mature Content & Fetishes
Extremely Detailed Indoor Scenes/Architecture

Real Life People/Caricatures

I'm always open to inquiries. Please feel free to ask if you're unsure about something or have any questions.


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